Saturday, March 26, 2011


Thursday was so lucky! I started the shift with my patient's wife frantically telling me we had lost her husband's iPhone. "When I left last night, it was in his front pocket and now it's gone!" Remembering the night nurse had changed his sheets and gown during the night, I looked in his laundry bin--easy. But it was empty. No problem, I could just look in the units' laundry room--just a few different bags, on biggie. But it was empty. Panicking, I called the laundry room for the whole hospital, warning them I was going to have to come look through the whole hospital's last 24 hours' worth of laundry to find this iPhone. I even gave report to my charge nurse, thinking it was going to take hours. I asked the wife the pt's number, just in case maybe it was on and the sound could help guide us. Down in the laundry room, there were about 100 bags of linen. Then they opened up the chute that had last night's laundry. About 50 more bags piled out. I was laughing so hard--mostly to keep myself from crying. "Well, let's get to work," I said to the laundry worker helping me. But first, I thought I would try calling the number, jsut to see. And I felt a vibration on my foot...I ripped open the bag right at my feet. And sure enough, there it was! My first thought was, "Jesus loves me!" (quoting my freshman roommate).

P. S. A few hours later, that patient spiked a fever of 107! Can you believe that?! I couldn't, so I tried 3 different thermometers. Sure enough: 107.4. Crazy--I about had a stroke!

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