Monday, May 2, 2011


Last month, my parents took Spencer and me on a post-graduation trip to Hawaii. It was one of the best weeks of my life! Hawaii is such a gorgeous place--so far removed from stress and worry, but so comfortable. We spent the first four days on Maui. Each day was so memorable.
  1.  Day 1 (Thursday) we snorkeled at Black Rock (my first time snorkeling). It's harder than it looks, but it's amazing to see the whole other world under there. We also walked along the beach a while and went to a great dinner in Lahaina.
  2. Day 2 (Friday) we went snorkeled Molokini. It's a tiny island off Maui's coast with an amazing coral reef. When the boat stopped, I thought the water was about 8 feet deep because I could see the water so well. It was 50! That's how clear the water is! We saw fish in every was like stepping inside "Finding Nemo!" We also went to "Turtle Town" to see the turtles. That night we got to do a Luau. Amazing. That is more food--and quality food!--than I have ever seen. And every bit of it was fantastic! I took Belle's approach in "Be My Guest" taking a bite of everything that went by. I couldn't find anything I didn't like! Plus, it was right on the beach with the water, sunset and sailboats for a backdrop. Sigh....
  3. Day 3 (Saturday) we drove the road to Hana. I wish I could describe how beautiful it was with all the thick green, the flowers, the waterfalls, and the ocean in the background. Breath-taking--literally (and we made it without getting carsick!). It was really fun to have that time to just chat with mom and dad, too. They are two of the funnest people to hang out with. We also got to visit some friends, the Hanks, who have a place in Hana (and got to pick/eat papaya right off the tree. And when it's fresh off the tree, it doesn't taste like dirty gym socks like the ones from the grocery store. It's delicious!) We continued along the road to hike the Seven Sacred Pools and the waterfall above it. That might have been my favorite thing we saw. I won't even try to describe it...just go! We drove back to the hotel along the dryer side of the island (being from Arizona, I wouldn't call that dry, but whatever), stopping for Italian on the way home.
  4. Day 4 (Sunday) we went to the local ward and spent a restful afternoon reading with the waves and birds as background (did I mention you can see the ocean from our room?). We had teriyaki sandwiches and went for a beautiful sunset walk (and saw whales off the coast). 
  5. Day 5 (Monday) We flew from Maui to Oahu. Oahu has a very different feel--a little drier (again, jungle compared to where we're from) and a little more podunk maybe? Roosters were running all over and restaurants consisted of tiny little surfer delis. But I loved going back there since I'd spent a summer living there. We hit up one of those delis for lunch, checked in, then visited Sunset and Waimea beaches (with a Matsumoto's snow cone in between). there anything more relaxing? 
  6. Day 6 (Tuesday) We spent the morning doing a session in the Laie temple (which was packed!) and got to do sealings. It's really neat to walk out of that temple and see the line of palms going straight out to the beach. We also went out on the point (one of my favorite places from when I lived there) and saw my old house, campus, etc. Then we hit up Ted's Bakery (I stuffed myself with the fabulous pies) and ended up at Waimea again for another beautiful sunset (and frisbee game). We finished off the day with pina coladas and "Despicable Me."
  7. Day 7 (Wednesday) We drove the long away around the island, seeing more pretty jungle, then went to Pearl Harbor. It's an interesting place to visit on a vacation like that. It's such a sobering experience amidst such pure fun and relaxation, but there's a really neat, hopeful spirit there. Then we went to the airport and headed back into real life again...

The Hanks' backyard.

By the Seven Sacred Pools, you hike through a bamboo forest to reach these incredible waterfalls. These picture don't begin to do it all justice. Again--just go!

Climbing trees :)

Seven Sacred Pools-ish. Again, no comparison to the real thing

Sunset walk and whale-watching with Lowli.
Sunset Beach

Waimea Bay 

I can't thank you enough, Mom and Dad! And thank you Spencer for making sure every minute of it was bliss for me! We WILL be back someday!

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  1. Is it just me or is trying to arrange photos on a blog agony?! Hence the lack of further captioning and prettier arranging.