Friday, May 27, 2011

camping...attempted again

Last January, Spencer and I went camping. At 5am, we were both icicles, so we bailed. We packed up and hurried home to our hot tub. Ever since then, we've wanted redemption! So, yesterday, we packed up the car and headed up Mt. Lemmon only to find out we couldn't have a fire. Bummer, but we figured, being May in Tucson, we didn't need a fire anyway.
Wrong! The sun hadn't even gone down yet and we were shivering. We thought we'd troubleshoot and sleep in the car so we could at least have the morning on the mountain. But then it was dinner time and what had we brought? hot dogs! Have you ever had a cold hot dog? After 4 wretching episodes and having to turn the car on to warm up the car to stop our shivering, we bailed again! 
So maybe we aren't as tough as we'd thought we were. But, we definitely still had fun. We had gone for a beautiful hike, seen a great sunset, and we got to end the night--rather than freezing and hungry, tossing and turning in the car--eating McDonald's soft serve icecream and watching "Man From Snowy River" in our cozy apartment. 
But just you wait--Spencer and I WILL have a successful camping trip one of these days!

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